Buying a house as an expat

Do you want to buy a house in the Netherlands and you need help from an agent to guide you in this process?

You are looking for an agent who really understands what you are looking for and what your requirements and wishes are. An agent who helps you with negotiations, among other things, and guides you through the entire process from A to Z.

Our office is located in Arnhem and our working area is 20 kilometers around Arnhem. Our office has years of experience in buying and selling homes and because of this we can find your home and arrange everything around this purchase process.

How do we work ? We are happy to explain it to you.

During the first meeting we will discuss with you the possibilities of our purchase assistance. After this meeting you will know what we can do for you and what the costs are. And perhaps most importantly, you will get to know us, because eventually we have to find that home for you together!

Before you start your search, it is wise to find out how much money you can borrow. The amount you want to spend per month on a home can also be a good starting point. Through our years of experience and expertise in mortgage advice, we can quickly and accurately map out your financial situation. This is another advantage of brokerage and mortgage advice under one roof!

In the search profile that we complete together, we record your housing needs. Are you looking for a house or an apartment? How many bedrooms, what price range and where do you want to live are examples of the starting points we establish. We then actively search with you. If a house becomes available that meets your requirements, we will present it to you. This includes homes that are not yet on Funda. This gives you a small head start on the rest of the house hunters.

You have seen a property that you would like to view. We will arrange an appointment to view the property with you. Before we view the property, we will always do a preliminary investigation. Think about environmental aspects, zoning plans and, if available, documents from the Owners’ Association (VvE). After the viewing, we can advise you on the value, maintenance and defects. In some cases we advise you to call in an architectural specialist for further investigation.

You have found your dream home. In consultation with you, we make the opening offer with the corresponding conditions. Naturally, we will have informed you in advance of all relevant details about the house, such as its market value. On this basis we determine together the bidding strategy. After all, a good bidding strategy can save you a lot of money.

If your offer is accepted, the selling broker will draw up the purchase agreement. We will check it for the important points. Then we will make an appointment with you to discuss the agreement. After this it will be signed by all parties and you will have a legal reflection period of three days. Within this time you can still cancel the purchase. The purchase agreement will be sent to the notary.

A few days before the agreed date of transfer, you will receive a draft of the deed of transfer and the bill of settlement from the notary. We also receive these documents and they will be checked by us. Just before the transfer we will inspect the house with you to see if the house is left as agreed and the meter readings are noted. Then you go to the notary to sign the deed of transfer and you are the owner of your new home.

The mortgage for expats

Once your offer has been accepted by the seller and the sales contract signed, you generally have 6 weeks to arrange your mortgage. Based on the purchase price, any renovation plans, your own money and the so-called buyer’s costs, we can determine the amount of mortgage you need. We can also help you with this.

In recent years, it has become easier to get a mortgage without a Dutch nationality. Are you from an EU member state? Then the same rules apply as for Dutch nationals. You can get a full mortgage based on your income and free assets. Are you not from an EU member state? Then banks sometimes impose additional requirements. Some banks give a maximum mortgage of 90% of the house value, or provide no mortgage at all if you temporarily move to the Netherlands.

Here are the homes we have purchased for our clients. Click here

“I had great support from the Zigt team. They gave their advice on the purchase and helped with the negotiations.”

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I’m looking for a house. Where do I start?

First, it is important to know for which amount you can get a mortgage. For this you can make an appointment with a licensed mortgage advisor. We can certainly advise you on this and put you in touch with our advisor. Then you can view the property you are interested in and go through the information provided by the selling agent. You can express your interest by making an offer. Once your offer is accepted and the preliminary sales contract is signed, the mortgage advisor will help you further with the process.

What are the benefits of a buying agent?

A buying agent can help you buy a home from start to finish. From the search for a home to the key exchange, a buying agent is there for you. This gives you an independent person who can give an objective opinion about a home since a buying agent is not emotionally involved in the buying process. Besides benefiting from the knowledge and experience of a buying agent, a lot of work is taken off your hands. A buying agent can save you a lot of time, energy and hassle during the buying process.

I am going to view a house, what should I look out for?

You've seen a nice house and you're going to view it. But what should you pay attention to? By preparing yourself well you can get the most out of the viewing. What you should pay attention to differs slightly per house, but ultimately you always look at the same things: the structural state, whether the house suits you and your situation, and in which neighborhood the house is located. In addition, amenities play a role and, of course, taste. Some like a 1930s house, while others prefer to buy a newly built house.

  • State of construction: Viewing a house is not only fun, it is also important. What you should pay attention to are structural defects and the general condition of the house. For example, look at the meter box, glazing, painting and the condition of the roof. Is there any overdue maintenance visible? Then you know you need to set aside money for renovation when you buy the home. There are also things you can't see when viewing a house. Consider hidden defects or asbestos-containing materials, for example. If you want certainty about the structural condition, you can have an architectural inspection performed. The inspector will then look for any defects and draw up a report. When bidding, you can even include in the resolutive conditions that your offer is only valid if the renovation costs do not exceed a certain amount. These are things we, as purchasing agents, pay attention to.
  • House viewing: what to look for in terms of atmosphere? Of course the style of the house and its atmosphere are at least as important as its structural condition. What you can pay attention to anyway: the layout of the house and the possibilities the house offers. Don't let a layout hold you back but try to see through it. The atmosphere around the home is also important. Is the house or apartment in a nice neighborhood, or is the property adjacent to a parking lot or shopping center? Therefore, walk around the neighborhood to get a feel for the atmosphere.
  • How do I prepare for viewing a house? By preparing yourself well you can make things easier for yourself. Always visit a house together with the sales agent. Make a list of questions about the house in advance. These can be standard questions, but also specific ones.
  • How do I prepare for viewing an apartment? When viewing an apartment, ask if it is noisy and ask about the status of the owner's association. If there is enough money in the VvE and if there is a maintenance plan, that is a good sign.

How do I choose the right real estate agent?

You choose the right real estate agent by choosing the one you click with right away. It starts with the first phone call. Call 026 - 202 21 73 and schedule a no-obligation appointment with our office.